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Low Light Photography by H2OJunkie
When someone says "low light", most photographers think expensive. That's because most people equate low light with the type of photography done during say band shoots like the one above. That type of photography usually requires a fast ...
Sigma 150 - 600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C by H2OJunkie
Specifications Lens Construction 20 Elements in 14 Groups Angle of View 16.4º-4.1 º Number of Diaphragm Blades 9 Mininum Aperture f22 Minimum Focusing Distance 280 cm / 110.2 in Filter Size (mm) 95mm ...

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CVS does not develop Kodak Advantix 400 film any more
by Susan - 1 day ago
i want to ask about definition of top lighting...because on Internet there are not much info about it...😊
by Guest - 2 days ago
Do you still have that photo? My great grandfather owned that company and I have a few photos as well. Happy to share mine with you if you would share yours
by Mgabriel - 5 days ago
Do you still have this lens for sale?
by lens - 1 week ago
I am looking to buy a Schneider 150mm Apo-Componon HM enlarging lens. Does someone out there have one for sale?
by Guest - 1 week ago
I inherited these negatives and understand that most of them are of the building of the Panama Canal. My mom always told me not to handle them with my bare hands and I have not officially ...
by Kim - 1 week ago
Looks like you got to see some amazing sunsets there!
by Vale - 2 weeks ago

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