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Why Shoot Film? by H2OJunkie
Let's face it, in this day and age of instant gratification why would ANYONE want to shoot an old manual 35mm camera? When I started my work for the magazines film camera's were the only way to go and the most automation one could get in a camera is ...
Can a photograph be considered artwork? by H2OJunkie
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone feels a photo is an "artwork" and willing to pay for it as one it can be called "art". This statement was mistakenly taken as meaning art must have a dollar value. Well, successful and timeless art ...

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Hi Guest! Are you wanting to build a site about "flash photography" or build a site about photography using "Adobe Flash"? This will make a big difference moving forward. :thumb-up: In ...
by two10eleven - 1 hour ago
Silver, there's nothing wrong with your questions. I am sure you'd buy yourself a decent camera when you'd have the money for it. Right now you just want to take the best pics you can with ...
by jade - 2 hours ago
YIKES! :blink:
by two10eleven - 1 day ago
@Jade - And then once you develop an eye for it, it's time to break it! That's the great thing about art! But at it's core, the golden ratio/rule of thirds is a long time standard for ...
by two10eleven - 1 day ago
:laugh: Mousefeathers, please try posting again and if there's still a problem, take a screen shot of the message you are getting. Mickey will find it on our logs and see what went wrong.
by jade - 3 days ago
Hi everyone,We had a problem with regards to the featured posts resulting from communication problems within the ops team. As a result none were featured during the last week. The error has ...
by admin - 3 days ago
Sigma makes lenses for several camera brands. The 28-135mm that you have will work for your Nikon only if it has the Nikon base and was the Sigma model built for Nikon camera bodies.
by two10eleven - 3 days ago
Good to see you here as well :-)
by admin - 4 days ago
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