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Pictures by H2OJunkie
Pictures by H2OJunkie
Perfect Effects 8 by H2OJunkie

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I paid a visit to the Cassadaga Florida Spiritualist Camp today and thought you might like the photos from it. ...
by H2OJunkie - 6 hours ago
by H2OJunkie - 6 hours ago
Perfect effects sound interesting. I may try their 30 day trial. Feeling kind of bored with current editing programs-on the other hand haven't been doing a lot of photography except quite ...
by juanita - 22 hours ago
I have a little experience in that arena Juanita!
by H2OJunkie - 1 day ago
kodak express store in Caterham Surrey they are still developing film everyday
by julia - 1 day ago
:woohoo: Add me to the list of happy Rebel owners who didn't have to take their camera to the shop after all! Thank you for posting about the focus ring. That's all it took. Happy happy ...
by Heidi - 2 days ago
Here are a few photo examples over the last weeks. The business cards were shot for a client. Thought folks might like to see what I do... ...
by H2OJunkie - 3 days ago
by H2OJunkie - 4 days ago
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