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Why Shoot Film? by H2OJunkie
Let's face it, in this day and age of instant gratification why would ANYONE want to shoot an old manual 35mm camera? When I started my work for the magazines film camera's were the only way to go and the most automation one could get in a camera is ...
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My Nikon D5100 flash really wont pop-up....I push the "flash" button at the side but its not popping up, also I tried to go to dark place but Flash is not still working :( please help
by Nikon D5100 - 1 day ago
Thank you so much for this ! So obvious after reading your comment lol
by Filmoverdigi94 - 2 days ago
My friend who is a photographer bought me the gift as she was moving and couldn't take the photos. I am fussy and have dealt with local photographers with great reputations and never had ...
by Nat - 2 days ago
In Salt Lake City? Have you tried your yellow pages? I live in Florida and found 50 listings for Salt Lake City in your yellow pages...
by H2OJunkie - 2 days ago
Hi everyone,As many of you have already noticed, some people see the site differently (specifically the top bar). This is a result of a change we are currently testing. If you see this ...
by admin - 3 days ago
Can you send me info about taking care of my Chaco golden knee sling too? If so that will be great help, I just got him yesterday!!!! It's so CUTE!!! ...
by Gillian - 5 days ago
Here are some pics from my place www.photographyboard.net/images/fbfiles/images/Screenshot_2015_
by pics alot - 5 days ago
A Channel 13 reporter hosts the grand opening of a local park. Canon 40D, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 EF L
by H2OJunkie - 6 days ago
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