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Pictures by H2OJunkie
Pictures by H2OJunkie
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I use the mirror lockup for just about everything I shoot in the landscape realm. Like Bob said, I use it in conjunction with a tripod and remote release. It lets the vibrations from the ...
by NCPhotoTrekker - 1 day ago
Thank you NCPhotoTrekker for you response, I appreciate it very much and will follow up on your advice. Cheers, David
by Sigma, Canon Adaptor for ... - 2 days ago
The worst weather makes for the best pictures as you have just found out. That sky is amazing!!!!!
by NCPhotoTrekker - 3 days ago
Yes, I get it! Thanks
by CarLey - 3 days ago
I can't post photos of identifiable humans without a model release Juanita. I have scans of the items in question but they are just to show potential clients my work on-site.
by H2OJunkie - 3 days ago
Both nice photos, H20! I like the mod you did, too. Sorry for the lack of participation lately.... :/ will make a concerted effort. Garden has been mostly photography subject so far. and ...
by juanita - 4 days ago
what app pr website can you use to do a pageant photo editing
by Guest - 4 days ago
by H2OJunkie - 6 days ago
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