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Why Shoot Film? by H2OJunkie
Let's face it, in this day and age of instant gratification why would ANYONE want to shoot an old manual 35mm camera? When I started my work for the magazines film camera's were the only way to go and the most automation one could get in a camera is ...
Can a photograph be considered artwork? by H2OJunkie
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If someone feels a photo is an "artwork" and willing to pay for it as one it can be called "art". This statement was mistakenly taken as meaning art must have a dollar value. Well, successful and timeless art ...

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YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!! I have tried many different things and then came across this site and it actually worked! Thank you all so much!
by Jonathan - 1 day ago
Automatic mode is part of the problem. I find automatic mode to be unusable in shooting any dynamic scene. And jets overhead close enough to "almost touch" is as dynamic as a scene gets. ...
by Orca Bob - 1 day ago
Its ve nyc bt i hve better then www.photographyboard.net/images/fbfiles/images/image-700
by Manjot singh - 3 days ago
Tamara I would love to email you a pic and pay u to do my daughter
by Megan - 5 days ago
Hi everyone, This was my first attempt at Glitz photo editing. The photo is just one I found on the internet, no idea who it belongs to :( I had a friend ask me to help them with their ...
by CK_DesignArt - 6 days ago
Not a joking or sarcastic answer: As many as are needed to get from marketing to conducting the shoot to getting the product to the customer and getting the billing and taxes done. It's ...
by Orca Bob - 1 week ago
I uh got a p.regalis also, and it was attacked by our cat. her abdomen is bloodied a bit but hopefully i think he/she has already recovered. (but im not really sure if she has already ...
by Jethro - 1 week ago
Thanks for your help...I'm not entirely sure where to start. Looking for something that has a really good zoom since I can't change lenses- other than that I don't know how to narrow a ...
by Amanda - 1 week ago
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